The Story of  Hayagreva Horse Tack

A business based in India.  which aims at developing an indian grand prix level tack. how often do we see an indian brand in the equestrian field? youll be shocked to know that most of the tack companies purchse raw leather and finished tack products from India. which is the manufacturing hub of 70% of the tack used all over the world. so here we are presenting you an Indian super tack company. promoting the prime ministers "Make in India" program. our speciality is bridles. we aim to build a brand so large that we can sponsor the equestrian world cups and sponsor Indian athletes at the Olympics




HAYAGREVA is a high range saddle maker dedicated to the rider’s sporting performances.

Today the world champions, European and American champions ride with a HAYAGREVA horse tack

We owe this success to our politics of innovation and investments in all fields: research and development, customer relations, training.

At HAYAGREVA, sport and performance are an obsession.

An obsession which can be translated by a full control from A to Z of our chain of values, from the animal skin via the tannery, the making, the selling, the logistics, the after-sales service.This cross-disciplinary model is unique in the world.

And because we do not depend on anyone we can determine our level of excellence and guarantee it. It is probably for all these reasons that you will appreciate our brand.


An obsession with sport and innovation.

The HAYAGREVA promise is to contribute towards the rider’s sporting performance. and also to the Indian economy.

Our greatest victory is your victory, your pleasure!

HAYAGREVA is the brand of smart, innovative products, perfectly adapted to the demands of competition and featuring an ultra-responsive customer service.

Hayagreva horse tack aims to promote the prime minister make in India program. we aim to develop an Indian brand that provides superior quality sporting tack to our riders. we aim to give you the perfect product which will help you perform your best. hayagreva also works towards providing employment to underpaid skilled labor.