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Signs showing your tack is uncomfortable and nagging your horse.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our horses could speak #sadhorse #horseabuse – It’s a phrase we’ve all muttered at some point! Sometimes when it comes to saddlery it’s tricky to know which behaviors

are simply naughty and which are a sign of pain. When a bridle is causing discomfort it can result in a long list of symptoms including:

  • Headshaking

  • Nostril clamping

  • Pinching of the muzzle

  • Striking out at the face

  • Rubbing the face

  • Spooking

  • Tension

  • Leaning on the reins

  • Resisting bending

  • Reluctance to step through from behind

  • Refusing at jumps

  • Resisting the bridle

here are the links to custom designed anatomically shaped #girth and #bridle which will ensure your #horse stays #happy.

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