This 2 in 1 Comfort Havana English Leather noseband is part of our popular Gel Snaffle range. This noseband can either be used on it's own with a standard head piece and cheek straps, or as a combination noseband using the included bit hangers. 

Padded with our Neoprene, with use this noseband will mould to your horse’s face for reduced pressure on sensitive areas of the face.

The infraorbital nerve exits the skull in the area above the cheek bone. The diagonal section allows the noseband to sit lower on the nose than a standard noseband which effectively avoids this sensitive nerve.
The sensitive tissue of the horse's cheek can be pushed in to the teeth by a standard noseband. The forward cut of the noseband, and the use of a jowl strap, means there is no pressure over this area.
The jowl strap allows the cheek pieces to sit well clear of the eyes without the need to over tighten.
The flash strap is offset, rather than meeting at the bridge of the nose like a standard flash. This avoids the soft areas above the nostrils and ensures there is no restriction on the horses ability to breath.

2 in 1 noseband