Made from a high strength plaited white rope and backed with English leather, these nosebands are perfect for stronger horses and are most commonly used in jumping disciplines.

This noseband is a cavesson, meaning that it has a simple single buckle closure. The strap from one side of the noseband connects directly to the buckle on the opposite side.

This style features a movable chin pad that sits between the horse’s skin and the buckle, providing an even amount of padding on both sides of the buckle.

This noseband comes with a flash and converter tab. This can be completely removed from the noseband if it’s not needed.

Please note our Havana leather is very dark brown in colour. 

*Please note if you are buying a noseband for a non-Flexible Fit bridle that does not have attachments for double buckle nosebands, you may need to purchase one of our noseband converters.

Rope converter eventing noseband